Academic Dress POLYU 香港理工大學畢業袍

Academic Gown for Bachelor's Degrees

  1. A light colour shirt will match nicely with your gown.

  2. Put the hood over the gown, rest it on your shoulders, and secure it by putting the string loop at the tip of the hood around a button of your shirt.

  3. For the graduates of Bachelor's and Master's Degrees, the peak of the mortarboard should be pointing at the centre of your forehead with the tassel on the left.

Bachelor’s Degrees (Hood color) BA Bachelor of Arts Black Gown Blue Mortarboard

BBA Bachelor of Business Administration Purple

BEng Bachelor of Engineering Red BSc

Bachelor of Science Gold Double

Degrees Double Degrees Ivory Example:

Note : Colour samples are provided for reference only. They may display differently on individual computer screens and may slightly vary from the actual colours depending on fabric and dye lot.